Using groundbreaking information which is not widely known - I can teach you how to resolve the root cause of your health issues, rather than simply managing the symptoms.

Are you suffering a chronic health condition? Are you searching for answers?
Searching for relief? Searching to understand?

Would you believe it if I told you that

You are the remedy – You hold the cure.

We are all made of stardust. All organic matter containing carbon was produced originally in stars. Our bodies are made from the ‘elements of life’ – from giant stellar explosions which threw large clouds of dust and gas out into interstellar space. Minerals are sometimes called the ‘sparkplugs’ of the body. They are needed for millions of enzymes as co-factors, facilitators, inhibitors and as part of the enzymes themselves.
As it turns out – every process in our body is reliant on having these elements in the correct balance to run smoothly. 

The scientific, peer-reviewed literature from around the world — though not well known in conventional medical circles — is actually quite clear.  All disease arises from inflammation, better described as ‘oxidative stress’.  And the root cause of inflammation (oxidative stress) is ‘cellular dysfunction’ coming from an imbalance of 3 key minerals:
1) Magnesium, 2) Copper, and 3) Iron.

The Root Cause Protocol provides the comprehensive tools and guidance to rebalance these minerals and change the functioning of our body right down at the most foundational cellular level, combining the basic energetic, nutritional and elemental requirements.

You are not broken – just out of balance - and this can be rebalanced.

Your body has the innate wisdom and power to heal itself, all you need to do is guide it gently back towards it’s natural biological needs, and you will reawaken the innate healer within you.
You can feel so much better — following the steps of the Root Cause Protocol.


Meet Amelia

Root Cause Protocol Consultant

I’m Amelia and I’m here to empower you with a straight forward evidence backed path to awaken your inner innate healer - allowing you to improve or overcome your health issues, whatever they be. No more confusion and overwhelm, trying to manage the vast amount of information available out there. The Root Cause Protocol gets right down to the cellular level, getting to the very heart of the issue.

I am a mother of 2 young children, working day by day at healing my family. I have suffered with many different health problems since I was a young girl, and after becoming disillusioned with the allopathic system – I began a mammoth task of searching and seeking and researching answers which this system, nor the naturopathic system, could provide me. Finally I found the work of Morley Robbins. Finally the full picture!
Morley has synthesized huge volumes of peer-reviewed scientific studies and literature from many of the leading medical journals from 1948 to the current day – and developed a holistic protocol, which is so far ahead of the bell-curve, to return this mineral dysfunction to equilibrium. The Root Cause Protocol.
I began carefully studying Morley’s work from late 2017, until training with him during 2019, to become a Root Cause Protocol Consultant. I am now super excited to be able to work with clients – educating and empowering people to heal from their health conditions.


I live in the Blue Mountains in Australia with my handy engineer husband, and our 2 strange small humans. I dream of also living with a cat, a dog, a donkey, a couple of small goats and pigs, some non-aggressive geese, a little cow, and some chickens. And also of bulldozing the neighbours property to grow a field of tulips. But I am learning to settle for less.

My training was done through
Morley's ‘RCP Institute’
(previously the ‘Copernican Institute’).
I am a certified
Root Cause Protocol Consultant.

I became engrossed in learning about health and nutrition in preparation for my first pregnancy. I have had a long history of health issues (chronic fatigue, endometriosis, acne, dermatitis, adenomyosis, sleep paralysis, reoccurring UTIs, weight gain, anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder,  fainting, reflux) and generational trauma. After
thinking I had a healthy lifestyle pretty well worked out and making a lot of headway with healing, I
had the life-threatening wake-up call of suffering gallstones and acute pancreatitis
during my 2nd pregnancy. This terrifying ordeal set my determination to find
the root cause of my health issues, and figure out how to help myself, my
family and all the people I was meeting with ongoing health issues. The stars
aligned in ways I couldn’t imagine and led me to Morley’s work and I was
lucky enough to train with him, alongside an inspiring group of incredible
women, when he came to Australia in early 2019.


Why the RCP?

It can help with

Connective tissue

Joint, bone, skin, tooth, vein, organ, tendon, muscle integrity. Osteoporosis, stroke, cellulite, lupus, wound healing, scar tissue,  fragility, etc..

Fatigue & Anemia

Low energy, dizziness, insomnia, brain fog, poor concentration, sensory processing disorder, poor memory, rapid heart rate, depression, lack of motivation, faintness...

Allergies & Intolerances

Food, seasonal,  chemical and environmental allergies and sensitivities - Histamine & oxalate  issues, dermatitis, hives, hayfever, and more...

Virtually every health condition on this planet...

Because the RCP works right down at the cellular level, it can improve or even reverse just about ANY condition. Genetic, neurological, hormonal, mental, autoimmune, metabolic, cancer, coronary, name it. Rather than focusing on the symptoms or condition (labels) we focus on the mineral dysfunction at heart of illness.

Gut health

Leaky gut, eczema, weight gain, digestive problems,  SIBO, depression, poor immune health, parasites, diarrhea. hormonal issues, candida...


Hashimoto thyroiditis, endometriosis, alopecia, celiac disease, MS, Type I diabetes, Graves disease, Reactive arthritis, Addison disease, lupus, Fibromyalgia, Psoriasis...

Morley explains that over the course of our life there are 2 major events taking place: We accumulate iron (the leading element in Earth’s composition [36%]), and we lose magnesium. 
These 2 elements fight over oxygen all day long within the body. In the presence of water, iron reacts with oxygen to create iron oxide – which you will know as rust. This is what is responsible for oxidative stress – it is the cellular even that ages us, stops the production of energy and creates inflammation which makes us sick. 
When magnesium reacts with oxygen we get magnesium oxide – the brightest burning fire on the planet (used in fireworks). We need magnesium in order for our cells to create energy. We also need bioavailable copper to create energy and oxidize iron.
The two major players when it comes to inflammation and disease are Magnesium and Copper Deficiency and Iron Toxicity. However we cannot treat mineral deficiencies in isolation due to their synergistic relationship.

To treat these conditions we need to treat the underlying mineral imbalance. It is that simple…and that hard.

Morley Robbins

What makes this approach different?

It may be helpful to take a look at the main approaches available.


The allopathic

is concerned with isolating symptoms and treating these with pharmaceutical drugs, surgery and isolated minerals and vitamins. Revolutionary for emergency medical situations, but futile when it comes to preventing, healing and getting to the root cause of the illness.



“I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and osteopenia a few years back. I felt like I couldn’t work out what was causing it and that the Drs and endocrinologist were just throwing out suggestions of how to treat it without any explanation of why my results weren’t improving despite following their treatment. Amelia has helped me understand why the things they were suggesting were actually making it worse, and has provided all the nuts and bolts and scientific backing as to exactly why, and what can be done instead.
My consultation with Amelia was very insightful, and I felt like I was actually being listened to for once. She is very gentle and non-judgemental. And it actually got to a much deeper level than any health appointment I’ve ever had. Amelia actually acknowledged emotional trauma as a real tangible cause of my sickness, even explaining what happens on a cellular level. I can’t stress how much this meant to me! It feels like such a turning point in my life.

I am still working on implementing the different aspects of the protocol, and will continue monitoring my results with my Dr and endocrinologist – but I feel much more educated now and confident that I am on the right path with the the RCP. I know healing can take a while, but I am already beginning to find myself hanging out for next my beef liver fix (!!!) which I think is pretty telling. Obviously my body is in need of the things in the protocol, so I look forward to seeing how my future test results go.

I highly recommend just getting the testing done and booking in with Amelia. That way you can stop wasting time and energy and just get to the heart of the problem.

Thank you Amelia. You are going to help so many people.”

— Helen T.

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* Blood tests and HTMA are an additional cost, done through a private lab. My fees cover the session, including interpretation of the test results  depending on the session type you choose. Check carefully as some sessions do not include test result interpretation. See 'All Services, Testing, Hours' page for more info.

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