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Mini Intro Session
Mini Follow-up:



Does not include interpretation of testing (information and guidance only)

These 45 minute sessions are for those either:
- Not yet willing to commit to testing and a full consultation, but want more information about how this mineral dynamic may be affecting their health (or that of a loved one) or have questions about the RCP and how to implement it.
- Or for those wanting follow-up session(s) for some extra support and guidance through the process.

In order to gain a much deeper insight and understanding of your personal mineral status, a full consultation with the results of the blood test and HTMA is highly recommended.

The session will be conducted via ZOOM video call (free program and call) or in person if you are local and would prefer this option.


Package includes:

  • 1x 45 minute session

  • The option for you to record the session to watch or listen to again later.

  • Notes from the session (this will be emailed after the session).

  • Web links and supporting documents to continue your learning.

  • Basic email support in the 2 weeks following the session.

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