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Image by Graham Holtshausen

The Cosmic Rebirth - AUD$1600

Includes 2 full consultations, interpretation of testing (testing to be ordered separately) + 2 follow up sessions
+10 sessions of PSYCH-K.

Are you ready to rediscover your power, health and happiness? Are you ready to look at what your minerals are telling you about the weight you carry on your shoulders? About what's really going on below these health challenges? Are you willing to invest in yourself and show up to do the inner work required to alter your entire Universe; to allow the past to rest in peace and to rebirth yourself into this present moment as the sovereign spiritual being that you thought you had lost beneath the trauma, the fear, the social conditioning, the judgements and opinions that others dumped on you, and the inaccurate conclusions that you drew as a child that became the beliefs you held about yourself and the world? Are you willing to give yourself permission to shine in all your brilliance and live a life of abundant health, love, money, creativity, joy, truth and connection?

If so, this transformative package was put together for you.

This package includes 2x 75 minute consultations in which we will play 'mineral detectives' - looking at your personal mineral status and ratios which can reveal a whole lot about your vitality, digestion, hormonal balance, thyroid rate, blood sugar and cardiovascular health, adrenal state, metabolic rate, any signs of iron<>copper dysregulation, and we will look at your personal story of stress and how this relates to any dysfunction and imbalance that may show in the testing. In the first you will get to pull the curtain back on your mineral status for the first time, and during the second we will take a look at your progress from analysis of a second round of blood tests and HTMA. This will be done 6 - 12 months after the initial tests and consultation.

Between these consultations, through 10 PSYCH-K  session - I will facilitate you to do the deep inner emotional and energetic spiritual work to release your emotional blocks, fears and sabotaging limiting-beliefs; as well as to install a whole series of optimized positive affirming beliefs to help bring your mind, body and spirit into balance, and to support you to achieve your goals. Getting the nervous system out of fight-or-flight or freeze, and into Rest and Digest and JOY / GROWTH mode, sets the stage beautifully for the nourishing nutrients of the Root Cause Protocol to truly work their magic.

But the purpose of all of this is not just to help you 'not feel crap'; I want you to open up to your full potential. I want to see you dream big, and welcome in the abundance that is your birth right as a Divine Cosmic Being.  I want you to go for gold, to (in the words of the wise S-Club 7) "reach for the stars". I want the honour of witnessing you remember who you are; to see you realize how precious and mind-blowingly incredible and miraculous you already are; to see you completely fall deeply in love with your being and your human experience; and to see you discover that you already have all the inner resources you'll ever need.

You will also be able to check in with me through basic email support, and a couple of half hour RCP follow-up sessions after the consultations to cover your progress and concerns and questions relating to implementing the protocol.


I want to hear about how you are and what you've gone through. I want you to know that it matters. I will never shrug off the significance of your experiences and feelings and hardships and battles - no matter how big or small. I will provide a safe and private sacred space for you to talk. I will ask and listen, and together we can work out what may have led you to mineral dysfunction and illness and what needs to occur in your life to repair any imbalance and start your shedding and healing.

I am here to support you, and I have what I believe to be the most advanced tools available on this planet to empower you with, so that you can take your own health into your own hands. Book in now if you are ready to embark on this journey.

The session will be conducted via ZOOM video call (free program and call) or in person if you are local and would prefer this option.


Package includes:

  • 2x 75 minutes Full consultation

  • 2x bonus 30 minutes follow-up session (to be used within 6 months of the initial consultation).

  • 10x 90 minute PSYCH-K sessions to smash through your fears & stressors + install a vast array of affirming beliefs.

  • The option for you to record the Consultations to watch/listen to again later. (Not available for the PSYCH-K sessions)

  • A detailed report from each consultation (this will be emailed after the consultation).

  • Web links and supporting documents to continue your learning.

  • Basic email support for the duration of the Cosmic Rebirth process. If queries are too complex an extra consultation may be beneficial.

  • Sessions are tailored to your situation.

  • All sessions to be used within 18 months of initial booking.

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