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Cosmic alchemy Women's Circles, group Psych-K & CE5 protocol - AUD$77 (1 circle)
$333 (5 circles)

(Limited to 10 participants)

Come gather by the fire at the edge of the woodlands for an evening of magic and transformation as we turn the 'lead' of separation consciousness and suffering into the 'gold' of awakening and cosmic unity consciousness.



  • PSYCH-K® (‘Mind-key’) group energy work to invoke the super-conscious (AKA 'higher-self') to release shackles of the past & re-wire the subconscious mind with empowering new beliefs. An affordable & powerful way to access this modality.

  • Sharing in the sacred container of circle, allowing each woman to be witnessed in her authentic, vulnerable, raw expression of self with no judgement, no ‘rescuing’, no ‘fixing’ - just the powerful mirror & vortex of being held in pure loving awareness - witnessed & accepted - amplifying her own internal innate wisdom, insight & natural healing abilities.

  • Dedicated time to indulge, pamper & activate the feminine energy within, with warm cleansing foot baths, gold nail painting, tribal tattoos & flower crown adornments – to the beat of blissful tunes, with tea, coffee & a grazing platter between the trees & festoon lights with the good company of fellow sister goddesses.

  • Warm, nourishing dinner together as the sun goes down between energy work & rituals. (Indian green curry [beef, GF] and rice this month].

  • Initiating contact with high vibration extra-terrestrial beings via the CE5 protocol. This is a group meditation process which through pure loving intention, people around the world are telepathically calling in visits from our cosmic brothers & sisters – experiencing incredible sightings of space crafts, beautiful light configurations, apparitions, & having spontaneous healings & awakenings taking place. Those who have successfully initiated connection have found it to be a profound consciousness expanding experience which awakens & activates increasing levels of our higher gifts & potentials as infinite eternal spiritual beings of light. There is a moving realization that we are not alone & that we are deeply connected to the entire web of life throughout the entire Universe & beyond.
    To learn more about the CE5 protocol, check out this incredible documentary below....



Held on the Saturday closest to the New Moon each month
3pm - 9pm, Mount Riverview, NSW, Australia

(exact address provided upon ticket purchase)

19th of August 2023
16th Sep
tember 2023
14th October 2023
11th November 2023
16th December 2023



Cosmic Alchemy Women's Circle (with communication initiation with galactic beings and group energy work) | Humanitix


Black moon Lilith is embodying Leo the fierce & feisty lion this year with some incredible transits occurring in August. She is bringing our deepest darkest shadows & insecurities to the surface, dissolving shame & assisting the divine feminine energy to step into full sovereignty & shine our magnificence fully & unapologetically. The theme of this circle will be shame, sex, pleasure, our relationship to our body, & our deepest fears and desires.

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