Can THE RCP really help with my specific condition?

Yes, this protocol can help/work for all health conditions because it works right down at the cellular level on basic needs that everyone of us require for our bodies to function correctly. Some may have a longer road to recovery than others, but this protocol combines the essential components to support and repair a body with any form of impaired-function. When the peer-reviewed scientific literature is synthesized together it becomes clear that there is no 'disease' - only cellular dysfunction. And as for genetic conditions - the field of epigenetics is proving that genes can be turned on and off - our mineral metabolism is key here. I believe in your capacity to heal - but do you?

Can I follow the RCP if I'm vegan?

Yes and No. One of the most important elements of the RCP is Retinol - this is animal based vitamin A. It is crucial to get this preformed Vitamin A to activate copper into it's bioavailable active form. The RCP involves nutrient-rich natural whole foods of both plant and animal origin. There are plenty of parts of the RCP that vegans and vegetarians can follow with benefit, however without the inclusion of critical nutrients/components only found in animal products activation of ceruloplasmin is biologically impaired, resulting in mineral dysfunction which will unfortunately most likely worsen with time. We do have many vegan clients who make the exception for liver capsules and cod liver oil which may be classed as 'medicine'.

How many sessions will I need?

This is completely up to you. Part of the beauty of the RCP is that it's all about empowering you to take your health into your own hands. You can just get in there and give the protocol a crack without any testing or consultation, but many strike hurdles and end up feeling like they are shooting in the dark. For most people a round of testing and 1 or 2 sessions is enough to identify their dysregulation, see it in black and white, and understand what personal circumstances are causing it. Then they are armed with this new knowledge, understanding, perspective and motivation to go forward with a tailored version of the RCP, a clear direction, and they are away. Some people really like more guidance and support through their implementation, hurdles and progress and will book in follow-ups as they go. Many like to monitor their progress with regular (or at least 1 set of) re-testing. This may provide added motivation or solve any dilemmas faced along the way.

So How much might it all cost?

If you’re like me, you probably want a bit of transparency and reassurance about how much might need to be budgeted for. When I first looked into healthy lifestyle and into the RCP I was overwhelmed by the various expenses – however, I did a lot of thinking around it and did a bunch of calculations to see what the cost was. I came to the realization that most of my hesitation was more of a ‘self-worth’ issue than it actually being an unmanageable cost. When I really looked at my priorities and family income I recognized my resistance was really only that I didn’t think my health, wellbeing and happiness was worth the investment.
I had a perspective shift as well, as to what was worth putting money into…phones, private health insurance, medication, booze, Netflix, electronics, sickness…?? Or into clean living and eating – and as they say the best things in life are free…gardening, finding a great book at the library, having some mates around for a cuppa…simplifying life to the essentials. Not everyone is going to want to embrace that kind of a lifestyle I completely understand - but when you start opening up your perspective, the cost of the RCP becomes much more affordable than many originally think on first sight.

In Australian dollars – this is an approximate estimate of the general costs involved, but can totally vary on your needs and budget:

- Testing: $310 (blood
[AUS excluding QLD] + HTMA)
(You can do this as a one-off, or retest every half a year or so as you go to monitor progress)
- 2 sessions with me: $450
(Again…you might want only 1 session, you might want 32, but 2 is often enough for most people).
- 5 sessions of EFT: $555
(You can do less, you can just learn the basic technique online for free, but 5 sessions with a trained EFT practitioner is more likely to get deeper more long-term results).
- Daily cost of Root Cause Protocol supps: $5.70 (around $2000/year per adult)
(Similar to a large takeaway coffee, & much cheaper than a beer at your local! This is the daily price of doing it religiously 6 days a week, however you ease into it slowly, and after time you may find you can adjust doses down to more of a maintenance dose. You may find ways to source products cheaper, you may find you need extra products that increase the cost, you may find you can’t manage to do every single thing suggested – it’s all about direction, not perfection and you will learn what your body needs).
- Diet & lifestyle changes: as your budget & motivation allow.
(Some of the main costs might be from switching from cheap processed food to quality (organic if possible) wholefoods, and investing in a good water filter, and buying no/low-tox personal care products and cleaning products – but I have found that since making the switch I buy much less and can make many products myself affordably.)

This modest cost will cover all you need to make massive progress healing your body & mind, and unleash your true potential. It is all about perspective and priorities. If you are dedicated this can mean huge savings on medication, medical appointments & health insurance, as well as dropping all the headache & heartache that comes with health challenges. If you invest the money in your long term health and not in band aid solutions - You will be a bird set free!

Should I stop my medication and follow the Root Cause protocol (RCP) instead?

No. It is very important to stay on any current medication. The RCP can be done alongside any medication, and once the body is supported and more balanced you may be able to slowly wean off your medication under the supervision of your doctor. It is encouraged that you remain monitored by a doctor/health professional and share the Root Cause Protocol and accompanying evidence with them. Always seek medical attention in emergency situations.

Do you diagnose &/or treat health conditions?
No, as a RCP Consultant I am able to identify mineral imbalance that leads to cellular dysfunction and oxidative stress, but the purpose is never to diagnose any particular condition nor to treat it. I am able to educate you on what causes mineral dysfunction and practical ways to repair it. I am here to provide you tools to understand your mineral status and what the range of stressors that may be impacting on this are. I am here to empower you with tools, resources, scientific literature (which you can share with your Dr/practitioner if you wish) and support to find your own way on this health journey.

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