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Support the adrenals before taking Magnesium! Why is it so important?

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Magnesium is emerging as a critical component to a healthy functioning body, and is widely recommended by mainstream and alternative/natural health practitioners. But very rarely is the critical need to focus on balancing other key electrolytes which are mutually affected by the addition of magnesium. This is why initially magnesium can have great results, but overtime things can end up going back downhill.

One of the focuses of the Root Cause Protocol is to replenish magnesium which has gone missing from our soil and therefore our food, and lost to 'stress' (including unmanaged iron [a major stressor] - stress eats magnesium for breakfast!). But before we just leap in an start pumping up the maggie, we need to first get the adrenal glands supported with plenty of sea salt, potassium and wholefood vitamin C which we do through the 'Adrenal Cocktail'.

Magnesium causes sodium loss, which causes potassium loss. Most of us already have burnt out adrenals - burnt out sodium & potassium. It is so crucial to replenish it all in balance.

1) All supplemental Magnesium lowers your Sodium-level. This can happen quite quickly. Symptoms of low Sodium include headaches, fatigue, brain fog and feeling cold. 2) Magnesium Glycinate does this even more rapidly for some unknown reason. 3) If your Sodium goes, your Potassium will follow quickly due to their symbiotic relationship. Sodium, Potassium and Glucose all work together in each other’s absorption and utilization in the body and the cells. Symptoms of low Potassium are muscle aches, rapid heartbeat, anxiety and issues with blood sugar. Additionally, all the electrolytes have a relationship with the fat-soluble vitamins. Just as vitamin D is linked up with calcium, vitamin A is linked up with potassium, vitamin K is linked up with sodium, and vitamin E is linked up with magnesium. The full Root Cause Protocol helps provide the ideal balance.

First Step, First...

It is important to get the adrenals supported before starting magnesium, so make sure to start with the adrenal cocktail – as well as generously salting your food with mineral rich sea salt or pink Himalayan rock salt (avoid commercial 'thirsty mineral stealing' table salt), and getting lots of potassium rich foods into your diet (sweet potatoes, potatoes, dark chocolate, cooked spinach, avocado, broccoli, banana, mushrooms, steak, coconut water, etc). A great gut-healing adrenal supporting meal is well-seasoned traditional bone broth with root vegetables. Also continue getting lots of fresh raw vitamin-C-rich fruit and vegetables in your diet. Most of us need around 4700mg of potassium per day, around 2000mg - 2500mg of sodium per day, and 400mg - 800mg of wholefood vitamin C per day. The adrenal cocktail should contain a minimum of 75mg of wholefood vitamin C, 375mg potassium, 460mg sodium chloride (in the form of sea salt).

What makes the adrenals so important?

The adrenal glands are incredibly important in the proper functioning of the human body for many reasons. They are largely overlooked and misunderstood glands - focus is unfortunately given to the thyroid which is downstream of the problem. Chris Kresser has a brilliant article about the paramount importance of adrenal health. To summarize: 1 Adrenal stress disrupts the HPA axis which is our central stress response system. Once we lose magnesium, initially we get a rise in sodium and then both magnesium, potassium and sodium collapse ending in 'burnout'. 2 Adrenal stress reduces the conversion of thyroid hormone T4 to T3. 3 Adrenal fatigue promotes autoimmunity by weakening immune barriers. 4 Adrenal Stress causes thyroid hormone resistance. 5 Adrenal Stress causes hormonal imbalances. And additional to this - it is the adrenals that direct the liver to make Ceruloplasmin. Ceruloplasmin ferroxidase is required for making 200+ copper dependent enzymes, including: SOD, Catalase, Glutathione Peroxidase needed for our immune systems. Ceruloplasmin Ferroxidase enzyme is required for hundreds of functions in the body. It is the Master Antioxidant which is the focus of the RCP. Focusing on doing what we can to support the production of this amazing enzyme is arguably the most important thing we can do for our health.

Groundwork in place...

Then we can start to add magnesium slowly until a dose of 10mg per kilo of body weight is reached (ie 60kg person would optimally need 600mg of magnesium per day, preferably from a range of different sources). Mineral drops are an excellent place to start, and should provide around 250mg of magnesium at the full dose (40 drops for ConcernTrace Drops). These can be added to food and beverages throughout the day and evening for a nice consistent highly-absorbable mineral supply.

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Kaarin Cotterill
Kaarin Cotterill
Nov 26, 2020

Hi Amelia I've come across your webpage after learning about RCP - great webpage by the way. I think this could be the way for me and so want to start the protocol with some guidance. I was reading your blog on implementing the protocol by preparing the adrenals by taking the adrenal cocktail. Are there any other suggestions you have for those of us wanting to preparing for going on RCP?

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