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Hello Goddesses,

I am so looking forward to connecting in circle with you all soon. Here you can find all the information about our upcoming circle event, plus what you can prepare to get the most out of our transformational energy work.

30 Bunbinla Avenue, Mount Riverview, NSW, Australia. Just come down the left side of the house and we’ll be down at the rear end of the backyard. Also see below for visual directions for inviting in stellar beings!



  • 3:00pm (60 mins) – Welcome - afternoon tea and cleansing the space.

    We will begin our afternoon and evening together by relaxing in nature as everyone arrives, with tea, coffee and afternoon tea. We will activate and move into our feminine energy, bringing out the golden alchemist goddess within, as we do some cleansing rituals to leave behind all we don't need in the sacred space so that we can be entirely present with our new moon energetic re-birthing.  We will spend this time moving deeply into our playful, curious, indulgent, soft, open, exotic, loving, nurturing, flowing, sparkling, radiant, powerful, mysterious, fun, creative, beautiful feminine energy - adorn ourselves with gold nail paint, tribal tattoos, and flower crowns.


  • 4:00pm (90 minutes) – Circle time.

    We will then move into circle, beginning by opening up our Soul Star chakras to protect and amplify the sacred healing space, and then do a short unifying co-meditation which will create a vortex of healing light connecting and unifying our circle. We'll then go around the circle to introduce ourselves and give a brief intention for the evening (and/or new moon).
    I will then call in the Four Directions - connecting into the spirit realm and welcoming in our guides, ancestors, cosmic family, and all supportive beings and guardians from the four directions as we continue our souls journey of working through the cycle of the four layers of the ascension spiral, alchemizing all that we meet on our way into the gold of awakening. We will then go around the circle bearing witness to our sisters as we each share whatever flows from the heart for a few minutes each (or more depending on the number of participants), allowing our own inner wisdom a safe space to come to the forefront. As we go around the circle we will each make a simple paper flower, on which we will write our intention for this new moon, and a simple action step that will begin to bring this intention into manifested reality.


  • 5:30pm (30 minutes) – Dinner

  • 6:00pm (45 minutes) – Group Psych-K® energy work (release, then re-wire)

    For our PSYCH-K® session we will start off with a group stress release around the topic of the circle. This will involve me going into energetic surrogation for the group and establishing communication with our collective superconscious (the high-self of each member of our circle working together for the greatest good of all). Through muscle testing I will be able to identify which balance process the superconscious requires to release trauma and stress around the specific topic. The ‘balances’ are different combinations of movements, positions and/or visualizations which allow us access to the subconscious mind where the superconscious will work to rapidly process blocked trauma and energy, returning us to a ‘whole-brain’ state in relation to the issue.

    • This process does not remove emotions, but allows us to respond to our challenges with higher awareness, balance, inner peace and resilience. For things like insecurities we may suddenly no longer feel insecure. For things like grieving the death of a loved one, we will still feel sadness and grief, but the resistance is dropped and we will shift into peace and understanding, allowing our emotions to flow freely with love and acceptance. The process of spiritual alchemy, is not so much about feeling better, but about becoming better at feeling.

      The next part of our session will involve using the PSYCH-K® balances to re-wire empowering beliefs into the subconscious mind. If we released fears, traumas and blocks around, for instance, the way we view our body, pleasure and sex – then in this part we can bring in positive affirming beliefs around this topic that will set up subconsciously for a much more free, confident, enjoyable and empowered experience in relation to this. For example:

      “I am uninhibited in my sexuality and receiving of pleasure”
      “I absolutely love and accept my body exactly the way it is”
      “I am infinitely worthy of love, pleasure, and abundance”

      I will prepare a list of affirming beliefs which I will include at the bottom here, and I invite you to come up with a belief statement or two of your own, if you feel called, that really resonates with you so we can include it in our session. Have a think and pop it in the chat box below so we can include it on the night. This work is most powerful the more personally meaningful and resonate it is. If there are any beliefs that anyone does not resonate with, their superconscious will skip integration of that belief, but wire all that do resonate into the subconscious mind.

      Click here to learn more about Psych-K®


  • 6:45pm (45 minutes) – Meditation circle with CE5 protocol.

    We’ll then launch into our CE5 protocol meditation in which we will telepathically call in peaceful high vibrational intergalactic beings, inviting them to join us. This will involve  showing these being where we are located starting with a visualization of the Spiral Arm of our Milky Way galaxy, our sun, our Earth being the 3rd planet from the Sun, Australia, the East coast, NSW, The Blue Mountains, Mount Riverview, Bunbinla Avenue, house number 30, down the back around the fire. We will zoom both in on our location and out again. I have made the video below to practice this visualization. The more seamless, clear and coherent we can make it the better. Simply by watching the video here, this information will go into your subconscious so if you find it difficult to visualize or remember at the time, you can just set the intention that this information is sent from your subconscious to the extraterrestrials we are inviting.


    Those who have successfully made contact with intergalactic beings have experienced contact within anywhere from minutes to hours. Once we are finished our meditation we will relax with some Sound Healing from Rita as we watch the skies for any activity.

    To learn more about the CE5 protocol I highly recommend watching this inspiring documentary. You can also learn more about the protocol here.

    This is my first initiation of contact. I had invited and guided the stellar beings to attend at that specific time, date and place - however because the event had been postponed I didn't think to watch the skies, but I simply took some videos of my set up and later found this incredible green light being dancing with me. My heart was absolutely overflowing to discover this.


  • 7:30pm (1.5 hours) – Watch the skies, if contact has not already been made.

    Once we have finished up the CE5 protocol communication initiation, we will spend the remainder of the evening simply enjoying one another’s company with some Sound healing Magick from Rita as we watching the skies for activity while continuing to beam up love, light, gratitude and peace as a radiant beacon to welcome in intergalactic contact. We can sing, chat, dance, eat chocolate and star gaze, keeping the intention that we are open to a really beautiful experience of cosmic interaction when the time is right, whether that be tonight or another time.

  • 9:00pm – Finish. Close the sacred space.

    We will finish up at around 9pm, closing the sacred space by touching Mother Earth with our hands and gathering the golden energies of our Soul Star back into the orb above our head, and taking a deep breath with hands over heart. If anyone needs to leave earlier, you can just do this before you leave.


    BRING: A water bottle. Any belief statements you want to include in our session. Feel free to bring a blanket, shall or something for extra warmth during our meditations if you feel you might need it.

    WEAR: Warm comfortable clothes. This can be anything from yoga pants to a golden gown to bring out your inner Divine Alchemist. I am bringing lots of elements of this precious metal through colour, and this could be incorporated in our attire as well if you feel called.

    PARKING: plenty of street parking directly out the front and on the driveway. Just be aware the neighbour down at number 32 is a bit mentally unstable, so it can be best to avoid parking in front of his house.

    FOOD: Tea, snacks and dinner will be provided. This month I am planning beef lasagne with garden salad. I should be able to work out a vegetarian option for those needing it - just let me know as soon as possible if you require this (preferably 1 week prior to the event).

    BAD WEATHER: In the event of wet or extreme weather (wind, bushfires etc) circle may be cancelled (and refunded), however we may just hold our circle inside in my family playroom overlooking the garden.

    ADDRESS: 30 Bunbinla Avenue, Mount Riverview, NSW, Australia. Just come down the left side of the house and we’ll be down at the rear end of the backyard.





The new moon in Virgo is an ideal opportunity for us to focus in on our health and wellbeing, really becoming clear and organized on how we can take better care of ourselves through our lifestyle and daily routines. What needs to released and what needs to be introduced and what is the plan to make this consistent? This new moon energy relates to the pancreas and digestive tract. What anger do we need to release, and what in our life do we have trouble assimilating and digesting? What are we refusing to meet with loving acceptance?



  1. I love and accept myself the way I am

  2. I accept others with grace and compassion

  3. I consistently keep myself in alignment with nature and my authentic self

  4. I meet everything in my experience with loving acceptance and resourceful action

  5. I rest in the impermanence of life

  6. I breathe in with compassion, I breathe out with forgiveness

  7. I allow my feelings to come and go

  8. I thoroughly enjoy nourishing my mind, body and spirit

  9. I am dedicated and committed to my health and wellbeing

  10. I am willing to do the work required to earn the life of my dreams

  11. My body is the innate intelligence of the cosmos, always healing and adapting

  12. I support my body to thrive

  13. As I go through life, all situations help to empower me, inspire me, and give me direction.

  14. I accept responsibility for my words, thoughts and actions.

  15. I humbly accept that which I cannot change and happily take on that which I can.

  16. I relax, allow, and release.

  17. I embrace that which teaches me and empowers me.

  18. I am at peace

  19. I let go of control and allow my life to flow

  20. I acknowledge and embody my infinite power

  21. I enjoy working towards my goals

  22. My power lies in how I respond to the circumstances of my life

  23. I am worthy of optimal health and wellbeing

  24. I choose to live a vibrant and healthy life

  25. I nurture my physical body in healthy and loving ways

  26. I give my body permission to heal with rest and proper care

  27. I thoroughly enjoy my existence and easily let go of what I cannot control

  28. The challenges that come up on my healing journey only make me more resilient and determined

  29. I prioritize growth over convenience

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