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My training weekend with Morley Robbins

I have spent most of my life searching for answers as to why I was sick and what to do about it. When I discovered Morley's work my life completely changed. I spent around 2 years intensively reading his articles, the scientific studies and papers within, and searching every question that came up as I went his the brilliant treasure trove facebook group - Magnesium Advocacy Group. It was a steep learning curve, but I couldn't get enough. The more I learnt the more I knew that this was what I wanted to dedicate my life to - it was an absolute soul-calling. I had felt for many years that I should have pursued a career in Nutrition, psychology or Naturopathic medicine, but after battling chronic fatigue I had never had the energy to commit to a new area of formal training after completing my music studies. I had found the 'best sleep specialist Dr' in my area and after the results of a sleep study found me to be 'narcoleptic' (well 3 seconds outside of the official diagnosis - ie if I had of fallen asleep 3 seconds earlier in one of the tests I would have qualified as 'narcoleptic') - this 'brilliant' Dr gave me two options: To go onto a drug which she described as "Like caffeine but 100 times stronger" that would "keep me well awake but would dull my creative mind" and that would cost AUD$90/month (struggling music student - umm no thanks); or to spend the rest of my life as a semi-asleep zombie and give up on my aspirations of becoming an active musician. So I resigned to that fact there was no other answers. I worked part-time as a music teacher. Luckily my energy levels increased dramatically after deciding to cut refined sugar out of my diet and I decided to have my first child as my mindset had moved entirely away from career aspirations long ago. However seeing how quickly I had become pregnant after Drs told me I was probably infertile due to endometriosis, simply from cutting one nasty substance from my diet - I became fascinated and passionate about the power of natural health and nutrition. I wanted to know everything. I read and read and studied everything I could on nutrition and natural lifestyle. Bringing children into the world became my catalyst for striving for wellness, healing and a better diet and lifestyle. But as I read I somehow still found there were so many dead-ends to the answers I was seeking. I would read something fascinating, but I would want to know exactly why it worked, and I would dig down to a point but never be satisfied with the final conclusion - I knew there was more...I knew there was something missing. I signed up for a block of sessions with a Nutritionist feeling that she would have those answers, but she said that I knew more than her and so I didn't know where I was going to find the answers I was after.

At this exact time I discovered Morley's work and it struck me to my core that this was finally the information I had been seeking for so long. As I devoured the information, I was overwhelmed by this deep sense that I needed to pursue this as life work - but I assumed that to train with him I would need a medical background and I felt so much regret and frustration at myself that I had not done officially recognised study.

As time went on, I wanted so badly to enquire as to what prerequisites were required to undertake the training, but I was too scared to hear the answer so I avoided it. Eventually I couldn’t resist any longer and I wrote to the RCP team and the response I got back was that EVERYONE was welcome to come and do the training and that Morley was in fact coming to Australia in four weeks’ time. Oh. My. Gosh. Now for over ten years we had been wanting to get up North to visit my Uncle near Byron Bay, but it had never worked out but we had finally managed to organise ourselves to go up and stay with him for the upcoming Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival…held in 6 weeks. The training with Morley was to be held 20km away from my Uncles place, but 11 days too early for our trip! I had booked flights to go up to Byron because my youngest son hated the car so much, and I knew there was no way I could get up there with the 2 kids for another trip and find a babysitter, especially when my youngest was still so dependent on the breast. I felt heartbroken that such an opportunity could have come up soooo close to where I was going to be, but just out by such a tiny amount of time. As the training drew closer I felt more and more urgent that I needed to somehow figure out a way to make it happen. But my options were just so limited in terms of child-minding. My Mum was unable to get time off work, my husband was flat-out at work, and my Uncle was working hard to get their extension finished before our visit so couldn’t accommodate us earlier. But I couldn’t give up, I called my husband and was telling him that I needed to work out a way to be there, and he just said “I really can’t take any time off right now, there is just no room to move at the moment, but if I take off just the Friday and we drive up overnight on Thursday and then drive back home overnight on Sunday again I think we can make it.” So we were terrified of this undertaking because our one and a half year old screamed blue murder after only 20 minutes in the car, so we had no idea how we would survive a 9 hour drive there with him, and then a 9 hour drive back with him again only a few days later. But the children somehow stayed happy until they fell to sleep and we arrived at around 4am, tried to get a couple of hours sleep (which didn’t happen), then we were able to check in to our accommodation at 7am and the training started at 9am that morning. The training days were long and packed a lot of information into those few intense days. My brain hurt. But I was so blown away by the energy of the group, learning these profound truths. It felt completely surreal to have the privilege to be able to be there learning such critical and rare information with such an intelligent switched-on group of inspiring and daring people. I couldn’t understand how I could be so lucky.

I hit me so hard, how grateful I was that I had not put in years and many dollars to formal study of health because those around me who had were feeling deep regret, disappointment and anger that their training had indoctrinated their minds so strongly with incorrect, unnecessary and misleading information. It was a massive internal battle for them to really let go of what they ‘knew’, but watching them make that difficult transition was one of the most stunning, shocking, affirming, moving and soul-shaking experiences of my life. I completely ascended into another realm that weekend. And I began to shake. And the shaking didn’t stop for two weeks. Crying, laughing, shaking. Like an animal releasing fear and trauma, to return to homeostasis. My mind wasn’t indoctrinated by any particular school of thought as I had always done my own research guided by critical thought as well as what felt right in my gut. But what I learnt from Morley and Kristan and my fellow consultants in training that weekend was such a profound yet simple truth and it knocked my world off its head back onto solid ground and the adjustment was dizzying.

It wasn’t just the information – it was the deep deep realization and recalibrating with the laws of the Universe and shedding of the lifelong darkness and unknown around me. It set off healing and transformation inside me. Years of suffering and feeling alone – being told there wasn’t an answer. Years of childhood trauma, of generational trauma – knowing deep down that it was somehow related to my health decline, but never being able to pin down why or get any acknowledgement of this. Morley’s research finally showed exactly how trauma, fear and pain cause physiological changes in the human body and showed how deeply this is the absolute Root Cause of all human dis-ease. Stress causes mineral dysregulation, so the body can’t function properly, and while he covers a huge facet of stressors that effect this delicate balance – emotional stress is the pinnacle.


It has been just over a year since my training and it has been a big ride – clearing layers of childhood trauma, and I still have a way to go – the way I understand it - I believe time is a spiral and we constantly evolve through phases and with each phase we return to certain lessons, forever ascending as we transform our fears around each block. We clear it and grow and increase our capacity and vibration and connection to the pure source of energy and collective consciousness, then we move into the next phase with the next block and clear that one and move onto the next, clear that and move around in the spiral until we are back in line with the first phase but we are higher and this time the Universe throws those fears and limiting-beliefs and blocks at us again but in an even more challenging way that we can now handle as we are growing, clearing, eliminating, transforming and ascending, so we work through it again and the challenges are harder and we really feel it in the earlier phases but with each one we ascend through - our capacity to cope, our awareness, and our resilience grows, and we keep making it back around in line with those earlier phases again and things feel tougher again, but we are levels and levels higher on this spiral with greater and greater growth and capacity and awareness to keep clearing as the challenges roll in. It moves around constantly in this spiral of these phases of growth and confidence, back to phases of fear and returning challenges, round and round - but if we can just keep clearing and flowing on – we keep ascending in an upward spiral of growth. I still have rust throughout my body, and still have layers upon layers of trauma and fears, but bit by bit I am clearing and releasing it. Healing is not linear, and I completely trust and surrender to the process without expectation that by ‘X date’ I will have attained perfect health in mind, body and spirit. So far my journey has been deeply exhausting, but anytime the doubts come in, I step outside of that and just observe it and go “OK, I’m feeling like that at the moment, and that’s fine, it’s all part of it. I’m forgetting that I have stepped so far forward into my truth and that I no longer have pain here or issues in that area there and that I am so much more aligned with my inner self than I was even a year ago. Feel the feelings but know they are not telling the full story.” One of my fellow RCP Consultants, Cathy Streitwieser, described healing in a really beautiful way that resonated completely with my experience of symptoms reawakening before disappearing during my RCP journey. She said “I think of it more as retracing, because, in fact the experience of healing has revisited old issues in reverse order for us! When the first symptoms are faced I’ll know we are done and balanced again! That recognition takes the fear out of the experience and helps us move through the symptoms that much faster.” I love these words so much and it has helped me keep going when I feel like giving up. I see the spiral again.


I would like to share a video of Morley and Kristan reflecting on the Australian Training tour. At around the 16 minute mark they talk about the training sessions in Hastings Point that I was lucky enough to attend. (The first 16 minutes I find quite hilarious and worth a quick watch though because it gives a glimpse into how determined and passionate Morley is. Anyone who's seen a few of Morley's videos will know by now that this man can talk! Time limits, noisy printers, slandering opponents, misbehaving microphones - nothing fazes this guy... he is like the honey badger...he don't give a shit! He is getting his important message out there and nothing is going to stop him! Go Morley! Hahaha!) But later when he talks about our training, Morley explains that he conducted 3 live consultations with members of our training group, where these amazing women bared their soul in front of everyone.

As he says:

"I think everyone in attendance was in absolutely blown away by their story of stress...that it's hard to imagine that people have weathered the storms that they have weathered...that they have sustained themselves and regained their equilibrium, but it is so clear what the source of the problem is when we have metabolic problems. It's not a disease process! That's embarrassing! That's childish! ...When you hear the stories of stress, and I looked into the groups see the look of wonderment, and absolute anguished looks in their eyes...shaking their head in disbelief! I didn't know what these stories were going to be, and we heard some really amazing stories. One was about a little boy who told his mum "I'm sorry Mum, I've got to die now" - picture being a mum hearing that. He's OK now, he's doing just fine. But gripping stories, and I think everyone was really changed by that. I think they realized the power of this process of discovery about what the story of stress is...and realizing that THAT is the very event that triggers the loss of minerals, that creates the dysregulation in the metabolism, that then leads to the symptoms, but there's no disease process...that's just...that's science fiction!! So it's really important for us to really reinforce that understanding."

At the 21:51 mark Kristan and Morley reflect on all the people that travelled to train with them from all over Australasia – there is even a mention of some crazy lady who drove 9 hours with her 2 little people and husband (don’t know who that was!! ;) ..Perhaps the sleep deprivation of that the double 9 hour drives there and back both during night-time-sleeping-hours may have also contributed to my shakiness a little hahaha!)

A snippet

(^ The snippets of the video that talk about our training weekend.^)

But I am forever grateful for that opportunity and what it has meant for my personal and spiritual growth and wellbeing. I still cry thinking back to the story that beautiful mother told about her sick iron-overloaded child that looked her in the eye and told her that he “needed to die that night”, and how they got through it all, and to see her determination to find out the truth and help him. My appreciation of mothers and all they go through grows deeper with every day that passes!

I have a deep calling now to support and empower others to get themselves to that place of deep insight into the inner work that needs to be done to heal. This is what makes the consultations so invaluable – the dialogue and exchange that takes place is what will kick-start or guide your healing to another level. It is one of the most worthwhile investments you will make in your life.

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