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How to make 'Mag Water'

Mag water is a super quick, easy and affordable way to get some highly absorbable magnesium into your system, with the added benefit of containing magnesium co-factor - bicarbonate - which gets the magnesium into our cell mitochondria where it's needed.

When taken away from meals, Mag water will increase your body's ability to make quality stomach acid, but it is best to avoid drinking it with (or too close to) meals as the bicarbonate will neutralise the stomach acid that is there. Mag water is created by combining magnesium hydroxide/oxide with chilled carbonated spring water - this sets off a chemical reaction in which magnesium bicarbonate is created. Mag water can be added to drinking water to sip during the day to help keep the body topped up with that critical mineral - magnesium. Just remember to dilute it - too much at once may send you rushing to the loo!

INGREDIENTS: - 1¼ teaspoons of Magnesium Oxide Powder (equalling approx. 1500mg/magnesium)

- 1.25L of COLD carbonated/sparkling spring water (should have no other ingredients but carbonated water)

Add 1¼ tsp of Magnesium Oxide Powder to a small amount of warm water (about 20ml) and mix until it completely dissolves. This creates a homemade ‘Milk of Magnesia’ (you can just use 45ml of Milk of Magnesia, but it must be a pure product, no added hypochlorite [bleach]). Open the chilled sparkling water slowly to minimise loss of carbonation, and pour 1 cup/250mls out of the 1.25L bottle and set aside in a glass. Add the ‘Milk of Magnesia’ (mag oxide mix) into the bottle (alternatively you can just add the straight powder to the bottle with a funnel). Skrew the lid back on and shake well. The carbonation will disappear. Add the glass of water which was set aside earlier back in, replace cap again and shake again well. The shaking will make the liquid cloudy. Place in the fridge for half an hour or so, and then give it an extra shake to mix in any undissolved powder and ensure all the magnesium oxide has now reacted with the C02. It can be stored in the fridge or at room temperature. This is now the concentrated liquid – it needs to be diluted into drinking water (at about a 1:10 ratio) so as not to have a laxative effect. Remember to avoid drinking it near meals as the bicarbonate dilutes stomach acid, but Mag Water will improve stomach acid production overall.

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